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Restaurant LammButtRind near Kiel

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Located in the north and nordic by nature

We cook consistently regionally. Our products come from fishermen, farmers and hunters from Schleswig-Holstein. In the kitchen, we value creativity and classic kitchen crafts.The result is food full of flavors of the North and Baltic sea, lakes, forests and fields.

You can enjoy our Nordic cuisine in two variants:

  • LammButtRind - à la carte gourmet cuisine
  • Dinner - hearty country house cuisine with cold and warm treats

The service is always warm and friendly, the atmosphere relaxed and Nordic.Our country house is located directly on the idyllic Bistensee in the nature park Hüttener mountains. We offer a pleasant ambience in every season, whether in the summer on the lakeside terrace or in winter by the crackling fireplace.

We look forward to your visit in the north

Chef Julian Richert & LammButtRinder



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Nordic gourmet cuisine full of flavors.

To start, we serve small treats.You then order à la carte.

The menu is short and consice and all dishes are always extremely fresh, regional and seasonal.

The wine list is just as interesting and to the point.Here you will find prime wines made of very special grape varieties, from Carménère via Malbec to Tannat.

And for the perfect end to a pleasurable evening, we serve fine Nordic digestifs.

Opening hours:

Wednesday to Sunday from 6pm, kitchen thru 9pm

LammButtRind menu:


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Truly rich and hearty 'Holsteiner Abendbrot'.With cold and hot treats.

We're dedicated to a very regional cuisine. Homebaked country breads, herring, smoked salmon, cottage ham, Holsteiner cheese, chutneys, mixed salads, fresh and preserved vegetables are part of the evening meal.

Then there are classics from the North German country house cuisine, such as Dithmarscher goose and cabbage rolls.

And finally, you can spoil yourself with flour dumplings and marinated cherries or our very special red fruit jelly with vanilla-cream.

Accompanying the Abendbrot we offer an interesting wine selection, Dithmarscher Pils and selected spirits from Schleswig-Holstein.

Every Sunday from 12 to 2 pm we serve a traditional Sunday roast stewed over many hours and full of aromas. To start with there is a seasonal soup with our home-baked country bread and to finish we offer a delicious dessert. Following local tradition you’re invited to a ‘Verteiler’, a regional corn schnapps…

Opening hours:

Daily from 6pm, kitchen thru 9pm and on Sundays from 12 thru 2 pm

Abendbrot menu:


Please make reservations, especially on Fridays, Saturdays and all public holidays.

Here online, by phone +49 4338 99710 or at service@toepferhaus.com.

Unfortunately, dogs can not be taken to the restaurant, but are welcome on the lakeside terrace.

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More about the restaurant LammButtRind

The kitchen

Chef Julian Richert and his team cook a consistently regional cuisine for you .Most of our products come from fishermen, farmers and hunters from the north and are bought fresh every day. We see ourselves as kitchen craftsmen. Everything is processed in classic handwork. In other words, we do not just cook and fry, we cut, dice, marinate, smoke, bake, cook, stew and steam. All dishes are creative and classic at the same time. We usually start with typical recipes from the North German country house cuisine and turn them into light and flavorful dishes for our LammButtRind menu.

The menu

We even have two menus.

LammButtRind is a Nordic gourmet cuisine.To start, there are our LammButtRind treats.Then you choose your preferred menu.

Abendbrot is our regional, seasonal, delicious, rich and hearty Holsteiner evening meal. Small warm and cold dishes are served to home-baked country breads.Then you have the choice between classic dishes from the Schleswig-Holstein country cuisine. Even the desserts are sweet and fresh with a Nordic touch.

No matter which menu you choose, you will enjoy a dinner full of flavors, from the North Sea over meadows and forests to the Baltic Sea and back.

The ambience

Our restaurant is in a white painted country house directly on the idyllic Bistensee in the nature park Hüttener mountains.The decor is Nordic style, bright, friendly and relaxed. We offer a stylish atmosphere in every season. In the summer, our guests prefer to dine on the large lakeside terrace, in the winter you may start and end long evenings by the crackling fireplace.


With many hundreds of celebrations we are one of the most popular event locations in Schleswig-Holstein.Our restaurant offers the perfect setting for small and large private parties as well as for corporate events with up to 150 guests. If you are looking for a location near Kiel for your wedding, birthday, confirmation, company party or other occasion, then we can offer exclusive party rooms as well as garden tents.The catering of the restaurant LammButtRind ranges from elegant receptions over cheerful barbecues to gourmet meals.


In the event calendar of the restaurant LammButtRind you can always find our events. Especially popular are the 4 Seasons Chef's Table, the lakeside BBQs and the summer party. Since we open every day of the year, you can also enjoy Christmas Eve and the Christmas holidays at our restaurant. The biggest celebration of course is our New Year's Eve dinner with champagne reception, gala dinner, fireworks, cocktail bar and dancing until the early morning.


The restaurant LammButtRind is located between Kiel, Eckernförde, Schleswig and Rendsburg.Via the motorway A7, exit Büdelsdorf, we are also easily accessible from Hamburg, Sylt and Flensburg in a good hour's drive.