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1945 to date - from pottery to the hotel

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In 1945, Elfriede and Bruno Brammer moved to the Hüttener Mountains, a region that was known for large deposits of clay minerals. Directly on the Bistensee, the Brammers established their pottery to make after the war, much-needed household utensils.

A few years later, in 1949, a café was opened above the pottery.The success of the cakes made by the Brammers prompted the family to invest in the restaurant Pesel. The good cuisine and wonderful views over the lake made the restaurant quickly regionally known and popular.

Starting in 1956, the first guests rooms have been decorated and the Seehotel Töpferhaus went into operation. The hotel has since been continuously expanded and modernized.

What remained unchanged to date are the Nordic-relaxed atmosphere and personal service. Seehotel Töpferhaus continues to be privately owned and managed.

To this day, the family Brammer operates its pottery in the beautiful thatch-roofed house at the entrance to the hotel. And the great-granddaughter Caro-Lina Brammer is learning the hotel business in Seehotel Töpferhaus. Our story continues...