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private dining between Kiel and Flensburg

Catering for exclusive dinner events at home

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private dining

We supply the food for your celebration with up to 100 guests. Our experienced catering team fulfills all wishes from gourmet meals over organic buffets to barbecues.

Our experienced kitchen prepares a delicious cuisines according to your preferences. Welded together in hundreds of events we will do everything for your celebration.

Our service team takes care of the delivery, preparation, guest service and clean-up. 

We offer our catering services around Eckernförde, Flensburg, Kiel, Neumünster, Norderstedt, Rendsburg and Schleswig.

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Take-away Christmas menu

For a delicious Christmas dinner at home, we offer a seasonal 3-course menu:

  • Elderberry soup with semolina cam
  • Crispy roasted goose with apple red cabbage, Brussels sprouts, potato dumplings and lavender-orange jus
  • Chocolate cake with spiced cherries

€ 139 for 4 people (pick-up price, delivery from € 500 order value on request)

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