Seehotel Töpferhaus - 24791 Alt Duvenstedt, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
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Restaurant querbeet

From the market to your plate - Fresh daily 

In the morning, we buy the best produce on the market, fish, meat, vegetables and fruits, preferably from small producers and farms in our vicinity. The herbs are grown in our own garden.

Our kitchen team cooks, pan fries and bakes goodies alongside Chef Julian Richert, to create a flavourful menu with daily changing ingredients. Every dish is hand-crafted with passion. 

Alongside our cuisine, we offer selected wines from young and creative winemakers, classic drinks and cold beer from Dithmarschen.

You can enjoy our cuisine and drinks in the ambiance of your choice, at atmospheric teak wood tables in our restaurant, on the lakeside terrace, in the teepee on the lakeshore or at the open fireplace.

Welcome and cheers!

The current querbeet menu

Open 365 days a year

Reserve your table now by phone +49 4338 99710 or service@ toepferhouse.com


Monday to Friday │ 7:00 to 10:00 │ Rich buffet │ € 19 including beverages

Saturday and Sunday │ 7:00 to 10:30 │ Rich buffet │ € 19 including beverages

Hotel guests only pay € 12 per person for the breakfast buffet.


Monday to Friday │ 12:00 to 14:00 │ Healthy buffet │ € 22

Saturday │ 11:00 to 14:00 │ selected healthy & light dishes

Sunday │ 12:00 to 14:00 │ à la carte


Monday to Sunday │ 18:00 - 00:00 * │ à la carte

* Orders until 21:00

We serve home-baked pies and cakes in the afternoon, as well as snacks by the open fireplace or on the lakeside terrace.


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Celebrations on the lake

Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, birthday, baptism, confirmation, communion, wedding anniversary or some other occasion, we offer the right ambience for your celebration of up to 100 guests.

We plan your party tailored to your individual preferences, from the creation of gourmet menus to holding joyful birthday parties in a teepee on the lakeshore.

Here you find a lot of suggestions and prices for beautiful celebrations on the lake.

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Restaurant querbeet in pictures

Do yourself a favour, try our cuisine for yourself! You'll get excited!

Here you can see what to expect from a celebration on the Bistensee lake ...

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At restaurant querbeet, Chef Julian Richert cooks with classic techniques, creativity and passion. We buy our produce at the market daily, preferably from producers and farms in our vicinity. The North and Baltic Seas, the Holstein fields, meadows and forests offer a wide variety of first-class produce. Both classic recipes and new ideas and flavours are represented in our always renowned regionally inspired menu.

Get ready to enjoy dishes full of freshness and flavors served with handpicked wines from boutique winemakers.

The restaurant querbeet offers offers a simultaneously stylish and relaxing ambiance year round, for every occasion, providing that with a wonderful view over the idyllic Bistensee lake. 

And in case you prefer not to drive home afterwards, a relaxing night at Seehotel Töpferhaus and a hearty breakfast, served in the style of a sophisticated country lodge, await you

The restaurant querbeet is located halfway between Hamburg and Sylt, near Eckernförde, Rendsburg and Schleswig, and is easily accessible via the A7 motorway.

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