Seehotel Töpferhaus - 24791 Alt Duvenstedt, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
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Wedding location surrounded by lush greenery in Schleswig-Holstein

Unforgettable weddings at a lakeside boutique hotel 

Weddings have always been extra special at Seehotel Töpferhaus and remain that way. You will delight in experiencing our wonderful location with its stylish ambiance, right on the Bistensee lake between Sylt and Hamburg.

Additionally, we offer many extra services, which may make your wedding a truly personalised event. Below you will find some of most beloved wedding additions. 

For inquires call T +49 4338 99710 or email event@toepferhaus.com


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Music is an essential part of your wedding.

If you desire, we will take care of sorting out a music programme, which is perfectly suited to your event. It can include anything from a sing-along, to the hiring of DJs to organising a live band for your celebration. 

And there is that piano by the fireplace in the lobby......


As per your requests, we can provide stylish decor in your preferred colour scheme, in any of our rooms. We'll take care of the details, you just enjoy the celebration. 

It goes without saying that chair covers, table cloths, candles and menus are also included. 

The creativity with which your individual decor is designed, knows no bounds! 

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Pure relaxation 

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The team at our Nature Spa is looking forward to pampering you and your guests. 

To properly relax before your celebration, you may choose to enjoy Dr. Hauschka cosmetic treatments, wellness massages, Ayurvedic treatments or a visit to our lakeside sauna with its Japanese Ofuro hot tub.

When one day won't suffice 

Haven't see your friends for a while and have a lot to tell them?

How does a cheerful evening barbecue with a bonfire on the seashore the day before your big celebration sound?

The ideal warm-up for your wedding.

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Now, children....

  • games room

Your younger guests will love your wedding celebration and our playroom with toys for every age, billiards, darts, table football and table tennis. We also have football goals and the possibility of playing a few rounds of regular tennis on the grass. Aside from these sporting activities, we offer designated areas for swimming, usage of canoes and the option of doing some stand-up paddling. 

And just do you guys can let your hair down and party, we offer babysitting services and baby monitors. 

Your personlised wedding website

Want to remain completely chilled-out as you  plan and then celebrate your wedding?

We remove the stress from you, starting with the process of inviting your guests, making an individual website for your wedding. The guests can RSVP online, choose their preferred room and desired menu options. 

Your website could look like this! (English version available on request!)

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Your wedding planner awaits you

We will plan your wedding as a completely individualised experience. Simply share the vision you have your special day with us. You will promptly receive our first detailed proposal, with a quote sourced from our transparent pricing structure in advance.  

Additionally, we would like to say that we would love to host you during your visit to the Bistensee, Saturdays or Sundays as well!

For inquires, call T +49 433899710, email event@toepferhaus or use the online formula

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