Seehotel Töpferhaus - 24791 Alt Duvenstedt, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
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A romantic lakeside wedding location 

Incredibly lovely wedding celebrations at our boutique hotel with its lush green backdrop

Celebrate your unforgettably beautiful wedding on the idyllic Bistensee lake, right in the heart of Schleswig-Holstein. Seehotel Töpferhaus provides extraordinary ambiance with its lush green backdrop for small and large weddings, of up to 100 guests. 

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Civil or Independent Ceremonies

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You both may enter into your civil marriage together in our wedding chamber, with its heavenly panoramic view over the lake. 

If you are having an independent ceremony, you may choose between holding it in one of our function rooms, on the lakeshore or in our tent for events.

We will create the decor you've imagined!

Reception and an afternoon of togetherness

After breaking open the bubbly on the lakeside terrrace or enjoying a sparkling drink by the crackling fireplace, you may choose to spend a wonderful afternoon with your guests.

Our catering kitchen will pamper you with freshly baked cakes, a British high tea, or with a flying finger food buffet.

You may also invite your guests to play bowls, take a sail boat ride or perhaps go on horse-drawn carriage excursion.

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Catering for your wedding

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Our versatile award-winning cuisine will also excite you.

You will decide upon your exact menu, buffet or speciality barbecue, which will be full of flavour and freshly made, with our chef Julian Richert.

Our restaurant team guarantees to assist in providing festive, elegant ambiance and will delight you with our personalised service.


You may party at Töpferhaus with all the wild energy you want until the early morning light!

Party with a DJ, band, in one of our function rooms, or in the party tent.

We will take care of providing the perfect bar service and a satisfying midnight snack!


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Accommodation & Breakfast

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Who wants to have to drive home after a party like yours!

We can comfortably accommodate up to 100 overnight guests. The morning after you will be greeted with aged Prosecco wine and breakfast on our lakeside terrace.

We also have a special wedding suite, of course.....

Summer or Winter?

Celebrating your wedding at the Töpferhaus is an unforgettable experience any time of year.

During the colder months, we invite you to enjoy the visual treat of our colourful deciduous trees, the frozen over lake lit by its special winter glow, a romantic bonfire on the lakefront and our crackling fireplace...

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We are here for you!

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services to help create an all-round joyfully experience for you. Our services also include the planning and organisation of your wedding celebration by our experienced event team, of course.

From the first time you reach out to us, we begin to serve you. You can give us the first suggestions for your wedding here and then let yourself be pleasantly surprised with our proposal!

Please call us with your inquiry on T +49 4338 99710, email us at event@toepferhaus.com or use the online formula.

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Lakeside wedding photo gallery 

You will find many wonderful pictures and videos of beautiful wedding celebrations on Facebook and Instagram !

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