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At home in Schleswig-Holstein

Culture and nature between the North and Baltic Seas

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Culture up North

Schleswig-Holstein - a land of two seas, a lush green landscape, castles, gardens and maritime culture.

You will find a suprising variety of top notch museums and exhibits. There is also an abundance of art in Schleswig Holstein, something around every bend.

Discover all the region's cultural highlights, historical ports, museums, exhibits, notable author's residences, castles and manor houses dotting the landscape.

The Nordart exhibition at the Kunstwerk Carlshütte creative space is an installation of contemporary art, which is updated every year.

More than 200 specially selected artists from all over the world showcase their work in the unique backdrop of the Carlshütte space and in its historical sculpture park.

Regal palaces, historical barns, the beautiful churches of Schleswig-Holstein alongside the offbeat beauty of shipyards, airport terminals and old industrial halls serve as atmospheric performance venues during the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival. 

The unique locations created a special ambiance, usually reserved for renowned concert halls and opera houses.

Schloss Gottorf manor & museum, the city of Schleswig with its historical fishing village and the town of Eckernförde with its lovely harbour and beach promenade are lovely attractions in the immediate area of our hotel.

Under "Location" we have listed a wide variety of popular attractions and leisure activites in our area with short descriptions, contact information and directions.

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Art by the lake shore

This year we are showcasing more impressive sculptures from young Zimbabwean artists in our huge grounds with its old foliage.

The sculptures are on loan from the Sylt sculpture garden and bring a piece of african inspiration and beauty to Northern Germany.

The sculptures were created from traditional handiwork and fashioned out of natural materials from leather to black snake stone. The works unite african mysticism with modern shapes.

Anette Voelmy's handcrafted stone sculptures always excite our visitors. The lakeside backdrop and the peacefulness of our grounds set the right mood for enjoying art in a relaxed and inspiring way.

All sculptures can also be directly purchased at our hotel.

10% of the profit will be donated by the gallery help raise money to finance a local school in Africa through the charity " Eine Schlue für Mukaera".

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A stand-alone location in the Hüttener Berge nature reserve

The Seehotel Töpferhaus is a stand-alone location in the middle of the Hüttener Berge nature reserve.

The landscape of the nature reserve is very diverse: hills and lakes, woods and fields, moores, grassy dunes and heaths are all to be found here.

The ice glaciers have left Endmörane with peaks up to 100 meters high. Many spots exemplify the stereotypical postcard images of the sloping Schleswig-Holsteinian cultural landscape with its many farms.

Discover the lush landscape by foot, with a bike or from the saddle of a horse or motor bike. Climb the "mountains" and enjoy a fantastic view of the surrounding area or take a break by one of the many lakes, where you can enjoy a swim, a boat ride or a bit of fishing.

With riding paths leading directly from our hotel and stretching on for many miles, horse riding is a good way to see the woods and fields of the Hüttener Berge nature reserve.

Additionally, you can find some of the best golf clubs in the Schleswig Holstein nearby to the Seehotel Töpferhaus.

We are happy to rent you a bike or organise a riding excursion for you.

Seehotel Töpferhaus serves as an extension of the Hüttener Berge tourist information centre. You can find all the important information about the nature reserve from our staff. 

Let us plan your treks through the woods, bike tours and horse riding adventures. Start your journey at the beautiful Bistensee lake.

Tourist information hotel: +49435171790

More practical information can be found online here:



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